Love Notes for Humanity

Is there anything that makes you feel more special than receiving a handwritten note in the mail?  There is just something about that odd-sized envelope with your name on the front, written with a pen held by the hand of someone who thought that you were important enough to take the time to send a message of love.


Have you lost touch with a friend or loved one who is distant, a teacher or leader who changed your life, a neighbor who seems to have disappeared in this time of separateness, or someone with whom you don't see eye to eye? Is it possible to reconnect and to remain the loving human you are, even in a time of chaos and disconnection? Can we heal what seems to be an ever-widening chasm of irreconcilable distance in our beloved community? 2020 was a challenging year, filled with emotions that rose and fell like a boat in a storm. In that chaos we may have, sometimes, lost touch with our loving, empathetic selves.  Sometimes our fears overtake our compassion and we fall into a story that does not fit the heart within us.


Love Notes for Humanity is a healing journey to reconnection with a simple, beautiful gesture: a hand-painted, hand-written note that says, simply, you are in my heart and on my mind and we are one family through our humanity. Join us as we reach into ourselves to feel and share the love we have for our beloved community. In this painting and writing workshop, we will use metacognitive drawing, color, and words to connect with our hearts and create a set of five beautiful, love-filled cards to send out to the people in our circles who we feel most need to hear from us. 


Everything you need will be provided in your Love Notes Kit, even the stamps! Simply bring your open heart and your longing to reconnect and heal.


No skills are required for this workshop, just your longing for reconnection.

Love Notes for Humanity

    • This class is currently in development and will be available in the coming months. For updates on classes and enrollment availabilty, please join our mailing list!