Legendary Girls!

Legendary Girls are brave and bold.

Legendary Girls are courageous and kind.

Legendary Girls know to follow their hearts and let their inner light shine!


Every girl has a legendary self just waiting to be revealed.  But it takes attention, intention, and loads of creativity to become the self you want to be. 


If you are wanting to discover your Legendary Self, join us for our epic, Legendary Girl, cosmic smash booking, online shindig. Legendary Girl is a creative journaling adventure where you will learn how to recognize your legendary self and introduce her to the world. 


You will discover creative tools that will help you listen and pay attention to your own very wise, inner voice.  You will unearth things you can do to feel better when you have a hard day. And most of all, you will see that you already have everything you need to live your very own, legendary life!

In this workshop you will create your unique, Legendary Girls Cosmic Smash Book and get started filling it with your hopes and dreams, worries and challenges and most of all your fabulous Self. And when your Legendary Girl smash book is filled up, you will know how to make a new one whenever you want to!


So, bring your awesome self to our Legendary Girl extravaganza and let’s create our very own, legendary tomorrow, together!!



We will gather each week for a community zoom call on the following dates. Please note the time is eastern standard so adjust for your time zone and ensure that you have the time open to participate!


  1. 11/16    - 7:30 est            Welcome, Red Thread and setting intention
  2. 11/23    - 7:30 est           Resting and restoring
  3. 11/31    - 7:30 est            Who are your heroes, and why?
  4. 12/7      - 7:30 est            We can get through hard times
  5. 12/14    - 7:30 est            You can choose your tomorrow
  6. 12/21    - 7:30 est            How to use your Legendary Girl smash book all on your own


The morning following the zoom call, you will receive a How-To video that you can follow along with at your leisure (but before the next zoom if you can).


Look forward to a video later in the week checking in and cheering you on!

Legendary Girls!

    • Cart quantity should reflect the number of seats you wish to reserve. One purchase will equate to one seat and one materials order. If you wish to enroll more than one participant (such as a child and parent), please change the cart quantity to reflect the number of active particpants to ensure you receive the correct number of material boxes!
    • Materials are included in the class price and will be shipped to the billing adddress that you provide. If you would like to request an alternate shipping address, please enter that information into the 'add a note' section during checkout or contact us at virginia@greatlakescreates.com.
    • Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a PDF document containing a copy of our schedule. Please follow the link in this document and use the contained password to access our class dashboard where you will find all of the inform you need to get started!
    • In order to participate in this class, you will need a computer or cell phone with a reliable internet connection. You will also need to download the Zoom app. We will communicate and create via Zoom, e-mail, and the class dashboard. Videos will be avabilable for viewing on our website or via youtube for the duration of the class.






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