Every bone in your body is a creative bone, darlin’!

~Sue Hoya Sellars

Customized Red Thread Circles

The Red Thread is a global symbol of protection and connection. Found in many cultures in rituals, ceremony, circles, as well as clothing, blankets, flags, weavings and storytelling, sacred circles, conversations and ceremonies are ancient and in each of our ancestral lineages.  

Through the passing of the red thread to one another, we connect and weave our stories together to create opportunities for personal and collective healing, transformation, growth, and celebration – all of which are amplified in community.

Some of our favorite types of circles to call are:

  • Celebration circles to honor a person or couple
  • Celebrations honoring a new or soon to be arriving baby
  • Transition circles to honor a change in life
  • Visioning circles to dream anew
  • Grief circles to honor life’s challenging moments
  • Belonging circles to aid in claiming our gift/piece
  • Nurturing circles to claim renewal

We’ll create sacred space to honor your special moments and work with you to custom design a Red Thread ceremony that compliments your gathering and leaves lasting connection and memories for all who attend.                                                                                      Please contact us to request pricing

Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Workshops

“Self-expression is one of the keys to healing the past, living in the present fully-embodied, and authoring a fascinating future, a legend even. This is about fearless belonging. To yourself. To your life work. To the universe. To one another. We belong here – when we create, we come to life. We tug on the red thread and realize we are indeed connected to everything – and that connection cries out for self-expression.”                                                             – Shiloh Sophia

Join us on a journey deep into your inner landscape through art and inquiry.  Workshop design and length will vary based on content. 

Please refer to the Event Calendar for pricing on each workshop.

No art experience necessary.              Everything you need will be provided

Open Studio Intentional Creativity Painting (pre-requisite I. C. workshop)

Continue your Intentional Creativity journey on your own canvas during this open studio time                                                                                                                                        ½ day $35

Cosmic Smash Booking Workshops

  Cosmic Smash Booking is an Intentional Creativity® process that takes simple art journaling supplies and techniques, and transforms the way you create. Using both your left brain and right brain, your art and writing, you can process more than you ever knew was possible.

In this 1 day session, you will create your own sacred container – a Cosmic Smash Book – and learn ways to use it for self-reflection and self-inquiry. Infused with your own energy and intention, this book will be a portal to a new world, a new view, a new you – whatever you wish it to be. It will free you for creative expression, as you leave your expectations and inner critic at the door.

No art experience necessary.           Everything you need will be provided                                                                                                                                                     1  day session $97                                           4 week session  $165                                     (4 total 4 hour sessions) 

Open Studio Smash Booking              (prerequisite – Smash Book workshop)

Add your own page to your Smash Book or follow an inquiry from the teacher                                                                    1/2 day session $25

Guest Teachers & Healers

We believe that everyone has their own unique path for healing and growth.  Our vision is to help you discover your own sacred journey to wholeness.  To support your quest we will be inviting a variety of creativity and healing practitioners to share their wisdom and provide you opportunities for continued growth and healing.                   

 We are looking forward to offering;

  • Guest Intentional Creativity Teachers
  • Reiki workshops
  • Gonging Immersions



Wisdom Watch Book Club

Let’s explore and grow together as we dive deep into the words of the worlds wisdom keepers.  Share your thoughts in guided discussions aimed at helping you recognize and catalyzing with your own inner wisdom.

Our Beloved Community