Every bone in your body is a creative bone, darlin'!

~Sue Hoya Sellars

Virginia Masson, the Peace Muse, is a wonder-filled artist and Intentional Creativity teacher specializing in guiding transformational change using the enchanting method of Intentional Creativity.

Intentional Creativity, developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud and her mentor Sue Hoya Seller, is a guided step-by-step method of mindful painting that can release blocks, transform old stories into empowering new endings, and create clarity and vision for the future.

Everything within us, past, present, and future, lives in a story. By creating with mindfulness and intention, whether making a soup, a garden, a business plan or a painting, we are more present because we chose to be. The results are different than if we are not paying attention. Activating both sides of the brain helps to discover something new or forgotten.

Our past and our challenges are our greatest lessons and incredible opportunities for healing and empowerment. Intentional Creativity helps to release old memories to create space for a new vision and story.

Join Virginia on a whimsical journey of intention, art and color where you can celebrate who you truly are, every unique piece.


Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher

Intentional Creativity Foundation, 2018

Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher Badge







Intentional Creativity Guild Member

Intentional Creativity Guild

Certified Cosmic Smash Book Guide


Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Grief Recovery Institute – 2011

Certified Reiki Master

Karuna Reiki – 2006


                            We are not here to impress, we are here to EXPRESS! – the Peace Muse