She is a Rainbow Lorakeet
Seated atop an adobe wall
Exotic, brilliant, colorful and oh so smart
When she arrives all eyes turn to watch

I am a Kirtland’s Warbler
hidden high up in the branches
dusky grey and yellow breasted
When I sing my song, heads tilt to listen

She is dressed for a party
cowgirl boots shining
hat brushed and bedazzled
hips and earrings swaying

I am dressed for a walk in the woods
soft moccasins, loose and earthy
blues and greens, browns and golds
A stone or shell upon my breast

I thought I should be more like her to do this work
She assures me that I am perfect
just as I am
I do not need to be her
to share this gift she has given me
But there is a part of me that wishes I were…


for Shiloh Sophia because you are on my heart