Path to the Lake near GLCIC

Everything changes.

There is a saying that when one door closes another door opens. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

No one tells you the door that is closing may slam shut on your heart and leave it shattered.

They don’t tell you that you have to pick up all those brittle pieces and find a way to glue them back together though, try as you might, the new heart never resembles the old one.

A little over ten months ago my beloved husband, best friend and greatest cheerleader stepped off this planet very unexpectedly. There is no shock as great as the shock of a doctor telling you that the biggest, most vivacious presence in your life is gone, without even the comfort of good-bye.

I still don’t completely believe that he is never returning. Despite the flowers and memorials, the gathering together of his things, changing of sheets and rearranging of furniture, his presence remains. One big foot holding the door open to let the light shine in. He believed in my dreams even more than I did, cheering me on enthusiastically even when I felt undeserving and ill-prepared. He truly thought I had gifts to give to the world and he helped me believe too.

Everything changes.

Sometime changes are so immense that you stop recognizing your life and even your SELF. You step into a journey that you never planned because you no longer feel at home in the current landscape.

Sometimes, you take your kintsukuroi heart, pull up your big girl panties and set off on a journey to find the dream you had almost forgotten that you dreamed.

And so…

Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity

I am thrilled to introduce the Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity (GLCIC), located in Plymouth Michigan and opening in December of 2019!

GLCIC is the gathering together of everything dear to me to create a space that nurtures and builds community for our beloved students who are exploring their creativity and inner wisdom using the tools of Intentional Creativity.

Designed to lift the spirit like the sight of water shimmering on the horizon, the space will reflect all the beauty that our cherished lakes offer us.

Lake beach at dawn

We will have a room for Red Thread circles and community gatherings as well as a large classroom space that will comfortably accommodate a dozen easels. We even have a small kitchen so that we can create an atmosphere of comfort and nurturing with beverages and light snacks.

The Center is a part of the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Cooperative (PARC), a non-profit that supports artists of all disciplines, environmental groups, experimental kitchens and is completely focused on bringing the arts to the surrounding community. Tenants include the Michigan Philharmonic, Friends of the Rouge, Bees in the D, Center for Creative Studies, glass blowers, potters, opera, dance and theater groups and several visual artist’s collaboratives.

Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity will be the mid-west affiliate for the global Musea – Intentional Creativity Foundation.

We will offer workshops in Intentional Creativity, Cosmic Smash Booking and Soulscape, as well as our beloved Red Thread circles. We will also open the space for rent to like-minded teachers, holistic practitioners and non-profit social support groups.